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GlideQuery NOT GlideRecord

Hello guys,

Today I was going through some blogs from @jacebenson and I found a really interesting thing called “GlideQuery”. not GlideRecord



I decided to explore this. There were no docs no session nothing. Literally nothing. I messaged Jace at discord to know more. I had a quick chat and started exploring. I found it really helpful as in it gives me the control which I always wanted to have while using GlideRecord. I mean it is just wrapper around GlideRecord but still. 

I have recorded one video. Code that I showed in the video is below:

For Plugin Activation:

var plugins = [];
var main = new GlideMultiPluginManagerWorker();
main.setProgressName("Plugin Installer");

Sample 1:

var gd=new GlideQuery('sys_user')

Sample 2:

var gd=new GlideQuery('sys_user')

Sample 3:

 var gd = new GlideQuery('sys_user')
          first_name: 'Fred',
          last_name: 'Luddy'
      }, ['first_name', 'last_name', 'city', 'active']) 
          first_name: 'Nobody',
          last_name: 'Found',
          city: 'Nowhere',
          active: false

Sample 4:

var gd = new GlideQuery('incident')

Sample 5:

var user = new GlideQuery('sys_user')
          first_name: 'Debasis',
          last_name: 'Majhi'


Jace Benson Article

In case you need any help, please do connect with me. It will be my pleasure to help you.

 Happy Learning Guys!!!

—–>Dhruv Gupta

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